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Life can get better.

Hands Up


Living with a mental illness can be exhausting and lonely. You might find you have no energy to do anything, even the things you used to love doing. You might find you have thoughts that make you feel worse. Maybe you struggle with anxiety or trauma and feel like you are always on edge and must push yourself to do the “simple” things. Maybe "feeling better" seems out of reach. Many feel feel like nobody understands the struggles each day brings. Life can get better. It might be hard to read and believe that statement and it's true that life does not have to be one struggle after another.

Together we will develop ways to challenge the thoughts that can sometimes take over. We will discuss what a life worth living looks like to you, and then work together to make that life a reality. You are stronger than you may realize and together we will bring your strengths to the forefront of your life. Recovery is possible - you can do it.

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