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About Claire

Each of us carries a unique life story that is rich with experience. Whether you have youth on your side or wisdom in your wrinkles, these experiences have left you with distinct gifts and challenges that are specific to you and you alone. Sometimes, the weight of these challenges becomes too hard to bear, and you find yourself stuck in patterns of “yuck.” Acknowledging you need help is extremely brave, and as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, it would be my honor to walk alongside you on your journey to mental wellness.  


As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I provide holistic care to clients of all ages diagnosing and treating a variety of mental health disorders through selective therapy and pharmaceutical intervention. During our sessions, I will regularly utilize motivational interviewing, supportive psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral techniques. Upon request, I can also offer counseling from a Christian worldview. In addition to traditional psychiatry, I am interested in integrative psychiatry, nutritional psychiatry and pharmacogenomics.  


Fun facts about me: I obtained a Bachelors in Nursing from Quinnipiac University and graduated with merits for outstanding holistic service. I spent most of my nursing career working in labor & delivery and behavioral health. After witnessing gaps in care, I furthered my education at Frontier Nursing University where I graduated with honors earning a Master’s in Nursing. I am blessed to be a wife and mother of fantastically wild children and two four-legged fur babies. I love singing, playing guitar, and lastly one of my favorite ways to deal with my own “yuck” is dance like nobody’s watching.


Looking forward to partnering with you. You are certainly worth it! 


860-643-8870, extension 507

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