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I Found My People

I found my people.

All have experienced their own path,

Yet deeply shared the same journey felt by all.

From a soul pain so deep,

Escape felt impossible.

A loneliness that seemed unbearable,

A vision of the future so dark,

No light could permeate.

To casual words and smiles exchanged,

A heart deep connection that was unknown

and the promise of a beautiful sunrise when the sun emerges.

I found my people.

Collectively, we can bear others' burdens,

As well as lift each other's dreams and victories.

I found my people.

The people that hear me --

No, really, hear ME,

And do not shudder at my dark thoughts.

Not afraid of the dark thoughts

Because the darkness covers their thoughts, too.

And, as a group, currently engaged in this journey,

Are living witnesses to our ability to plod through

Our unique deep soul pain that we share.

I found my people.

I didn't know they existed.

I thought I was alone but discovered that I am not.

I found my people.

And with them comes a little sense of peace

That I need and love.

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