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In the Community

Charter Oak Family Center LLC is committed to advocating for mental health needs, supporting our community and educating other professionals to support vulnerable populations including those struggling with thoughts by suicide. 

Butterfly Stroll- Downtown  Manchester May 11, 2024 


American Association of Suicidology Conference 

steve ct school based conference 2023.heic

Coming soon..

steve headshot.jpg

Join us for an important session on "Suicidality in Play Therapy: Re-Storying Coping Strategies" with Steve MacHattie, LCSW!  Explore how play-based techniques can assist adolescents and adults in discussing struggles with suicidal ideation. Gain insights into barriers teens face when talking about their mental health and learn effective ways to re-story coping strategies through play and talk. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your therapeutic practice and support those in need. Register now for the Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy Training Institute in Norfolk, VA, June 5-9. #PlayTherapy #SuicidePrevention #ProfessionalDevelopment

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